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you want to know a little about us and how we got here…buckle up buttercup!

Smash Rooms originated in Japan (not feudal) just recent, about 2008 is the first recorded roughly. I first saw the idea in a TV drama called “Three pigs” about a pair of serial killers, one of them a trust fund early 20 something douche, any hoo he took his then girlfriend to a smash warehouse (this was USA based), the scene was literally on screen for three seconds, however I understood the concept immediately.
So I was at a crossroads professionally, I was winding down another wholesale business, and had started a small coffee cart business, however in amongst all of this I took my daughter to a paintball birthday party for her 16th, I went sky diving, started running the coffee van at the local axe throwing venue, went indoor sky diving, and went bush for laser skirmish, it then occurred to me that Bris Vegas, has no smash rooms, so with the property I had available to me, I built a couple of “batting cages”, they were side by side, I mounted cameras, added music, tested the integrity, filmed “my” first smash and popped a notification on Facebook, then COVID stopped the world…luckily my coffee cart business picked up exponentially.
So we kept tweaking our advertising to promote the single use facility, also promoting the fact we started using masks and gloves pre COVID so we were a bit of a trend setter…funnily enough these jokes fell flat…fast forward some months later and restrictions started to lift, and the bookings started to flow, consequently over the past three years we have moved within Brisbane three times, each time to bigger and better venues, we also added a Gold Coast venue, and now have an Ipswich venue. Once the Ipswich venue was up and running, the shed behind that venue became vacant, I was offered the space for an axe throwing venue, at this stage I’d been throwing axes and also sponsoring the league I was throwing in for the past two years, I thought the polite thing to do was to offer it to the venue I was leaguing in…they politely declined, so I stated I was going to build my own, they whole heartedly supported the idea. So that brings us to now…roughly…it’s been a journey as I’ve learnt how best to build smash rooms, but was unsure of Axe Throwing lanes, anyway I had a design in my head, and a bunch of ideas I wished the other venue had brought in…now was my time to add them and see if they will work, with your help I’ll soon find out. I hope Axe Throwing and Smashing stuff in our rooms gives you the amazing experience I’ve built it to be… Yours in throwing and smashing…Matt.
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