Got questions about our axe-ceptional experience? Find all the answers you need in our FAQ section!

Bookings are essential! Our experiences have set start and finish times, if we have other groups booked in, we aren’t able to facilitate out of time bookings. If you’re looking for something last minute, give us a call and we’ll see if we can fit you in!
Minors aged 12 and over can participate when accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. Axe throwing can be mentally and physically demanding to keep the throw consistent and safe. Like any target sport, younger throwers should only participate when they are keen to learn and understand the importance of following coach directives at all times.
We have taken all steps to create a safe and fun environment for our guests. We have self-contained lanes in all our venues, therefore eradicating the risk of wayward axes from adjacent lanes. We are also a Dry Venue to again limit risk.
Not at all, Axe-Throwing is not about strength or power, it is about technique. Our small axes are less than 300g, with our large axes around 1kg. You will receive training from our experienced instructors who will take you step by step through the techniques required for each axe – tailoring and teaching various techniques to suit you and your preferred axe.
Axe throwing is safest without alcohol. Similar to laws around driving, anyone throwing must be under a Zero Alcohol Concentration. We don’t sell alcohol in venue and BYOB is prohibited.
At Rampage Axe Throwing we have some super simple rules to keep everyone who is participating or spectating safe and happy!
  • Follow staff directives at all times.
  • Generally 18+ to throw – no age limit to spectate.
  • Minors from 12 years of age can throw accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.
  • Safe & enclosed shoes.
  • Participants must be of a zero Blood Alcohol Concentration.
  • All participants and spectators must sign a waiver.
  • Don’t throw too hard or from too far.
  • Zero Tolerance For Anti-Social Behaviour.
The only requirement is to wear safe & enclosed shoes! Think boots, sneakers or joggers. Avoid thongs, flats, or high heels. Other than safe shoes, wear whatever you feel comfortable in! Axe throwing is physical, and you can definitely work up a sweat.
Yes! We have plenty of onsite parking – Group bookings no issues ether.
Absolutely! Everyone throwing or spectating must complete a waiver to be onsite. We’ve made axe throwing as safe as possible, but it’s important to know and understand the risks.
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